Jamplay Guitar Lessons

Jamplay guitar lessons have hit the music scene by storm. Guitar enthusiast word-wide are giving rave reviews of the online guitar lessons and community networking scene that Jamplay offers all of its members. The real question…


..are Jamplay guitar lessons the right choice for you?

Let me give you a peek under the hood and see if Jamplay has what your looking for. For starters Jamplay offers free online guitar lessons so you can get a taste of the quality that they offer. A definite highlight for you to see if the fit is right. Check this out.

* High quality streaming video Jamplay guitar lessons.

* Over 372 hours of online video guitar lessons instructed by more than 35 expert teachers giving their expertise in various styles and genres

* Live computer webcam lessons with the experts once in a week

* 200 songs lessons

* An active student support community and forum

The bottom line is that with all that they give you, I don’t know of any personal teacher that gives so much for so little. If you do find someone or another program that does, let me know! I’ll let the world know about them right here. Just make sure that they provide quality chops… deal, good.

Membership Benefits of Jamplay Guitar Lessons

The membership lets you into their complete database of lessons (a ton of tutorials there).I would say everything that you need to know on how to master the guitar. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or more on the advanced side, Jamplay simply kicks it from the gritty basics to specialty genres.

But here is something that came across to me…

If your advanced, I really don’t know how “advanced” you are. I would definitely check out the free lessons and scope out the site to see if there is something for you here. Everyone is different and ones persons advanced level is another’s beginner level. So take a look and see if it’s a fit for you.

Another thing that could be an obstacle is simple nature of the internet. If you have a slow online connection or are uncomfortable with a computer, than any online medium may not be the right fit for you. Now Jamplay guitar lessons do offer different quality video playbacks. This could help those with slower internet connections speeds, as the lower quality lessons with play better (I won’t get into all the geek reasons for this, just know that you have options to make things work better for your individual situation). Other than these possible scenarios, Jamplay guitar lessons may hit you spot on for what you need.